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The Working Mom Manifesto [PDF]

by Heather Schuck
The Working Mom Manifesto is for those who love their children without abandon, but feel their lives are slipping through their fingers. For those who feel “something” is missing, but can't quite find the answers. Moms who wonder if they're “enough” and dare to face the truth. For those who want more than free time- but a life with no regrets.

The Working Mom Manifesto isn't yet another preachy “guru” book, it's an open conversation with a best friend who's walked in your shoes. It's the story of a working mother who stumbled and fell, but had the courage to pick herself back up. A mother who wanted more, and transformed from disaster to renewal in 12 months. The Working Mom Manifesto is there to hold your hand, lend a shoulder to cry on, and give you the strength to live your best life.

Whether you're a experienced mom, first-time mom, or mom-to-be, the Manifesto will inspire you to create happiness, re-define success, and take back control of your life.

From the book: “As I sat in my office inputting orders, entertaining my toddler, nursing my baby, and dialing into the next conference call, all at once, I still felt guilty for not having time to pick up the dry cleaning. No matter how hard I worked, it was never enough. I was never enough.”

I was that girl. The wannabe “Super Mom” who had the perfect business, perfect home, and perfect family. My plan was not to be neurotic, but that was the harsh reality. The same Type-A, hopelessly optimistic, and fiercely driven personality, which led to many of my successes, was also killing me.

As I stared at the candle flames dancing so effortlessly atop my 32nd birthday cake, I couldn't help but tear up. If only I could be that free? Despite all my “hoping”, I was not the mother I always dreamed of being. My business had taken over my life and was failing despite my 80 hour work weeks. My health was fragile and I was suffering from an unexplained neurological illness that left me disabled for days at a time. My 10 year marriage was ending and I was being haunted by a kidnapping that happened ten years prior. A far cry from the fairy tale I had once imagined.

As I blew out those candles, I made not a wish- but a promise. Enough was enough. No more hoping, I would create my happiness. I separated from my husband, faced my demons, shut down my business, and moved away to create my new -happier- life. I spent the next year in a beautiful lake house re-connecting with my kids, my passions, and myself as I wrote my Manifesto for Happiness.

With my Manifesto guiding me, I transformed from disaster to renewal in just 12 months. Instead of working 80 hour weeks, I was down to 30 hours. My sales goals of $500,000 were shattered by hitting $5 million. I created systems to ensure my family and her health came first, not work. I was finally blissfully happy.

Included in the Book:
* Template for Creating Your Manifesto
* Proven Strategies for Creating Happiness in the Everyday
* Action Plan for Clearing the Clutter (Emotional AND Physical)
* Guidelines for Finding Your Genuinely Worthwhile Work

"Inspirational would be an understatement for this book! Heather strips away all the fluff found in most "how to" books and replaces it with real life experience, raw emotion and real success! So many books I've read had me nodding off after page 3, but I could not put this book down." - Shayna
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