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How to Make a Vampire [PDF]

by Jerrod Balzer
You’ll Learn to Fear the Woods

As you walk through the forest surrounding Tapperville, you may get the feeling you’re being watched.

It could be the escaped serial killer, who manipulates his victims with macabre creativity. It could also be the ghosts haunting a forgotten cemetery. It might even be one of the locals, drunk and armed as they seek vengeance for their horribly mutilated loved ones.

It could be any of those things, and you’d be lucky if it was,but as you pass by each tree, be cautious.

The branch that brushed your shoulders might grab you.

It could wrap around you and pull you to pieces.

A root could shoot from the ground and impale you.

Worse yet, one of the vampires whose spirits dwell within the trees could bust from its shell of bark and chase you in its grotesque human form. Once a member of the Oak Clan has a thirst for you, it will stalk you each night until it has you in its wooden grasp.

In Book One: How to Make a Vampire:

Black magic runs rampant in a barn, and the sadistic serial killer tries his hand at pizza delivery!
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1. Persia Emily | 17.01.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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