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The Glass Slipper [PDF]

by Eleanor Farjeon
I absolutely love some of Farjeon's work.This was a a little scattered, a little odd.At a few, brief, times it felt almost like either a hack job or a parody of the Cinderella story.But as I got further into it, and saw how all the little songs and the extra characters belonged in this version, all came together for a richer story.

I loved the chapters at the ball.The enchantment lay over the prose as it did over all the ladies as they lightly ran out into the snow to play Hide & Seek with this little stranger, this utterly charming Princess of Nowhere.

I'm not comfortable with the character of the Zany, the Jester.
And I'm frustrated that the character of the Father was drawn sympathetically, but then just totally dropped before the end.

And, even though I read the whole book, I don't know how the author managed to stretch it out for so long.Really there wasn't much more here than in most 6-8 page versions.

I suspect Farjeon dreamed the ball, wrote it all done in a fever state, realized how lovely it was, and constructed a book around it.And because she was an established & successful author, her editor trusted her, and didn't push her to improve it (ie, by telling us what happened to the Father).
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Thank you! Great book!

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