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Imp [PDF]

by Andrew Neiderman
Andrew Neiderman's novels feel a bit like reading book versions of pilot episodes to shows that never became anything. All of his books feel unsure of themselves and

Imp is no exception. Don't get me wrong, it is good enough to entertain you, but so is pretty much anything out there. Some people find golfing to be entertaining after

all. Anyway, Imp is one of the stranger Neiderman books I have read and a little more of a let down because it has so much potential to be better. For me, the tale of

the Imp improsoned in the basement of a over-the-top religious woman felt like one of those victim of circumstance stories. The mother of this creature tries to keep

the little "monster" hidden from the world and her daughter only wants to communicate with it. For the sake of plot, the little creature finds a way out of the basement

and begins exploring his new world with Frankenstein-like consequences. I mean, a little dwarf/troll thing running about, trying to understand how things work in the

world and accidentally getting into trouble along the way sounds interesting if you have an open mind. The problem here is Neiderman's trademark of a lot of build up

but essentially no pay-off. Through the whole book, readers can expect a lot of terrible things to happen if they are use to horror fiction, but this book is very tame.

I am not saying that it would have been better with a ton of violence and scenes with the Imp gnawing people's faces off, but it would have broken up the suspense

nicely. Suspense that leads to an anti-climax isn't really suspense at all in my opinion. Again, to compare this to a pilot episode, the book's ending tries to bring

back suspense after the Cujoesque cop-out ending which nicely solves the complicated problem of rapping up what could have been a slightly meaningful book, but it felt

like a show trying to keep itself alive by saying "to be continued" just before the credits. You know it won't be continued though. Not a chance in an Impy hell.
But anyway, I gave this three stars because, despite being able to compare some of the plot to several other better books, the general idea was something I hadn't

really read and reading something new is always fun even if that something new is like getting a new black and white TV in 2012.
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