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Guia del mundo [PDF]

by Amir Hamed
“A highly recommended reference book that gives readers a unique opportunity to see what the world looks like ‘from the South.’”—WorldViews Resource Center, Michigan

“An impressive reference source.”—The Times (London)

Drawing on United Nations’ and other mainstream data, The World Guide includes all the facts, history, and political and economic analysis you would find in a conventional reference work. But it is unique in also offering information on the issues central to the lives of people in the Southern Hemisphere, such as child health, literacy, maternal mortality, and land use.

The World Guide is written by the Third World Institute in Uruguay, using research from across the countries of the South. With a clear, country-by-country format, it is the most accessible work of reference for specific country studies, comparative studies, and travel research.

Key features include:

Up-to-date information on all countries of the world, including East Timor, Palestine, Somaliland, West Papua, and Western Sahara Clear, easy-to-use, two-color layout In Focus box, which gives at-a-glance information on each country’s human rights, indigenous peoples, health, education, and HIV/AIDS prevalence Twenty-five new reports on topical global issues, such as the arms trade, HIV/AIDS, forced labor, climate change, and human rights The World in Figures—a comprehensive section of data and statistics on child health, literacy, maternal mortality, land use, public expenditure, and other issues More than twenty tables of factual information on food, education, arms, population, women in government, corruption, debt, employment, and the environment.
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