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The Ugly Duckling [PDF]

by Ronne Randall
The ugly duckling by Randall Ronne
Genre: fiction, Children’s literatureReading Level: K-3 grade
Format: good

The ugly duckling is about a mother duck laying her eggs and how all of her eggs hatched expect for one. The books talks about the last egg as the little ugly duckling and how the little duckling was being picked on because he was ugly. The ugly duckling was rejected by the other ducks until finally the ugly duckling became a beautiful swan and lived happily at the end. I enjoyed reading the book even though it was sad reading the parts where the other ducks made fun of the ugly duckling. As I was reading this book I was able to relate to the book because when I was in elementary school students would make fun of me because I used glasses just like the little duckling because he was ugly. I can use this book in the classroom to make a lesson where I will make sure students know they shouldn’t care what people think of them because everyone is beautiful in their own way.
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Thank you! Great book!

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