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Starting a Collection Agency, how to make money collecting money [PDF]

by Michelle Dunn
Debt Collectors are a Vital part of the American Economy – and here are the numbers to prove it. Debt collectors have a bad rap but debt collection is crucial to an efficient market economy.

Total consumer bad debt costs every adult in the US $683 every year. For the average non-supervisory worker that’s nearly 54 hours of work (before taxes) a year. Outstanding credit card debt is nearly three quarters of one trillion dollars. Total consumer debt, including home mortgages, exceeds $9 trillion.

Starting a Collection Agency, How to make money collecting money by Michelle A. Dunn – Winner of the New York Book Festival and Writer’s Digest Award. The only award-winning comprehensive book on how to start and manage a collection service. Everything from state laws to what kind of equipment you will need. Its chapters include legal requirements, licenses and regulations, where to find clients, fair debt collection practices, Fair Credit Reporting Act, skip tracing, buying debt, bad checks, and software.

With this book you will:

Be able to start your own business and be your own boss
Find samples of business and marketing plans
Find collection letters, flyers & promotional pieces
Have a checklist of what to do before you open your agency
Learn how to start your agency from home
Learn how to work from home with young children around
Learn how to promote your agency in a professional manner

This is the first book in The Collecting Money Series by Michelle Dunn, there are 16 books in her Collecting Money Series that can help you as you start a collection agency. Michelle shares her experiences working in debt collection as a first party collector and a third party collector as well as a collection agency owner, how she did it, and how you can do it too. Check out her other books for starting a collection agency including letters and forms specific for third party collectors, how you can use social media to help you locate and then collect on accounts, frequently asked questions from other people starting collection agencies, and her newest compilation, The Starting a Collection Agency Kit, which includes 3 books just about starting an agency, including the best seller, Collection Agency Marketing.

Starting a collection agency can be intimidating, especially in this economy and as the Federal Trade Commission holds their roundtable meetings in order to take a look at and update debt collection laws for third party collectors, meaning collection agencies.

I wrote this book because when I started my agency I could not find any books about starting a collection agency. I had so many people emailing me and calling me asking me how I started my agency that I wrote this book. It is now on it's third edition and has won many awards. Of course, just like a new car, some of the information included will be out of date but there is still so much helpful information about starting your business that you will certainly find it helpful. There are many resources and free networking opportunities as well as recommendations on software and everything else an agency would need. I do include business plans and a couple of marketing plans for new agencies, but then expanded on marketing with my book called Collection Agency Marketing, which also has contributions by 5 other women in the debt collection industry.

Don't be afraid or intimidated to start your own collection agency, with my books and networking groups, you can certainly start and run your own third party debt collection agency.
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