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Depths Rising (Issue #1) [PDF]

by E.S. Wesley
Welcome to the 76th annual Terapin Challenge – an open competition calling all hunters. The Terapin building is overrun this year, and there are sure to be some great surprises for our intrepid group of monster hunters!

Depths Rising, the exciting new comic endeavor from Gangfeather, is the story of the ego-centric monster hunter Thane and his gang as they seek fame and fortune in the hunting circuit, where it’s all about the points. The challenges soon take an unexpected turn and a new player steps onto the scene, however, and Thane willdiscover that there is much more to the challenges than anyone knows. The city may soon need more than just a victor–it may need a hero.

Join the clever Kolby, the seductive and secretive Ellexa, and the battle-hardened Thane as they discover the truth about the Depths, the Citadel, and the threat that is rising from below.

Depths Rising is the comic debut for both illustrator Ashley West and writer E.S. Wesley of Gangfeather. It features a high-action story, deep mysteries, violent imagery, and comical characters. Issue 1 is the first of many that will make up the first chapter in Thane’s story, with much much more to come.

The Depths will rise.
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Thank you! Great book!

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