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Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key [PDF]

by Joyce Friedland
It seems like Joey Pigza is always wound up. So much so that it begins to affect the daily routine of his school and home life. His parents abandoned him years ago, leaving him alone to deal with his ADD and abusive grandma. But, things start to change when his Mom returns to take care of him. As Joey says, “…even though I’m difficult I’m very special and smart. Everyone says so (p. 73).” However, the difficulties escalate when another student is accidentally harmed at school. Now Joey has to attend a special facility where his behavior and medication will be monitored before he is allowed to attend ‘regular’ school again.

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key was read by the sixth grade classes at my school earlier this year. My interest was peaked when they all rushed to the library looking for the sequels. So, I was quite excited when Junko suggested Joey Pigza for those that haven’t read it yet.

Joey Pigza represents the many young students struggling with ADD today. Through the easy to read and humorous writing style of Jack Gantos, the reader manages to get inside the head of Joey. The first person narrative provides a personal and relatable feel to Joey’s struggle in which many readers will identify. I like the way Joey’s disorder is inferred and never mentioned, until p.114 by the doctor. By not labeling, the reader identifies with Joey the person and not his affliction. I believe most readers of this book will relate on some level with Joey, whether it is with a fellow student or their own self. I can see why teachers would use Joey Pigza as a class read aloud. This story provides social awareness and endless inquiry and discussion possibilities. Readers can learn from the wisdoms of Joey and his unknowing perseverance when he states “…I didn’t make my own bed, but it’s mine anyway whether I like it or not (p. 148).”

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Thank you! Great book!

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