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Is Pet Ownership Destroying . [PDF]

by Carole Wade
Dog worship. I've heard and read over and over that "Dogs add years to a person's life." That is ridiculous. The Fifty-Billion-Dollars-a-Year Pet Industry came up with that lie. More dogs = More money. More big dogs = More big dogs' stomachs to feed. There is nothing complicated about this. It is the Pet/Dog Industry's straightforward way to earn big money. A columnist for The Coast News stated on June 12th, 2003, ..". writer Carole Wade has unearthed some intriguing thoughts to ponder about pet ownership." Ms. Wade's subject is timely and provocative. Her quotes are from publications which reflect the urgency of today's growing number of pet-parents who eat, sleep, and bathe with their dogs. The Pet Industry thrives on the triumph of dog ownership. Dogs flood every television and print advertisement. See a television ad for a car: See a dog. See a written ad for menopausal medication: See a dog with a woman. Practical experience tells us that children should come before dogs. But, the overpowering Fifty-Billion-Dollars-a-Year Pet Industry has transformed advertising by capitalizing on the lonely dog owner's pocketbook. Dog owners are influencing state and national legislation with tragic results. Hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings, parks, and shopping malls have been taken over by angry dog owners with vicious animals. It is now time to restrict dogs and protect our children and the elderly.
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