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For Him Bundle [PDF]

by Chad Lane
For Him 1
Jake Turner is straight - or so he thinks. When he meets the gorgeous William Steel at basic training, he develops a whole load of strange feelings and emotions he doesn't quite understand.

From the very first roll call Jake knew William was different, there was just something about him. After a tough day of exercises the whole unit heads to the showers, and when Jake spots William showering across from him his manhood springs to life. He can't explain these desires - was he gay?

Jake tries to keep his distance from William, not wanting to stir up any feelings - coming out as gay in the military would make his time there very difficult. But when the two are paired together for an overnight training exercise, he has no choice but to face his feelings.

Stationed together in a abandoned wooden hut, with only their body warmth to keep away the cold, Jake will discover exactly what he will do 'For Him'....

For Him 2
Jake and William have just finished basic training. Neither of the boys can control the attraction building between them after a steamy night of passion during a training exercise. They don’t have many opportunities to be alone together, but when they do find themselves in private, they tear into each other with a passion that they'd never before experienced.

Jake still isn't convinced he is gay, but he can't hold back his feelings for the incredibly gorgeous William Steel.

After a terrorist attack from the Far East, they are both being deployed immediately to fight. Training is over, now they'd be entering a war zone.

But, how are they going to be together with a war going on? If anyone found out, it would make their lives a living hell. It was scandalous for heterosexual couples to emerge within a unit, so what would they say about a gay couple?

They have everyone fooled for the moment, but for how long?

For Him 3
Their secret is out.

After months of sneaking around, communicating through encrypted messages and snatching any opportunity they got alone together, their secret is finally out. When William's homophobic bunkmate, Jared, overhears William talking about Jake in his sleep, it is only a matter of time before the whole unit finds out.

But just as Jared is about to throw both William and Jake out of the closet, an emergency meeting is called..

The terrorist attacks on the city near their base are rapidly escalating and patrols through the city are increased. William and Jake are sent out on a night patrol, and when William's Humvee is hit by a landmine, Jake can't hold his emotions back any longer. Despite the hail of bullets all around him he rushes out to the demolished Humvee to search for William.

How will the unit respond to Jake and William being gay?
Will William even survive long enough to find out...?
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