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Global Outsourcing [PDF]

by Marcia Robinson
Global outsourcing is defined as the seamless integration of onsite, onshore, nearshore, and offshore delivery teams. It is rapidly becoming the execution and delivery strategy of choice for business process and IT projects in corporations today.

This book goes beyond the theory to explain the step-by-step methodology managers should follow to execute a global outsourcing strategy. Designed as an implementation manual, Global Outsourcing discusses the detailed tasks involved in the planning, sourcing, and execution phases of every project.

Written in a concise, how-to format and packed with sample checklists, data gathering questionnaires (RFI and RFP), and contracts (MSA and SLA), Global Outsourcing provides project leaders and team members with the information they need, including:

- Complete guidelines for implementing a global outsourcing roadmap.
- Detailed tutorials on each phase of project management, from planning and sourcing to governance and performance audits.
- Multiple tips on how to overcome the challenges of global outsourcing with the ever-present pressure for speed and cost containment.

Globalization is here to stay. New communication infrastructure and Web-based software applications are combining with process automation and the abundance of talent in low-cost labor markets to create an unprecedented opportunity for changing the way business is done.

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1. Persia Emily | 04.05.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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