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Zombies and Children [PDF]

by Jim Musgrave
Should children be seen with zombies? Should zombies be children? What kind of a demented mind would want such a thing to happen?
Horror on the Installment Plan’s premier issue wants to explore this theme in order to give you a few thrills, a few moments of fear, and perhaps even gross you out a bit! Yes, and this theme also has a few laughs (dark ones, or, what my Pappy Skeleton used to call “gallows humor”).
The authors of these stories are committed (or should be committed) to the horror genre. If you enjoy their work, then let these writers know! Our Purgatory Blogs are where you can go to talk about which stories you like and for what reasons! Enjoy your feast of delectable brain food!


Five folks ... count them. Five deliciously horrific zombie tales for your pleasure and pain, you choose. This fledgling issue of "Horror on the Installment Plan" brings us some of the best zombie stories this reader has laid his eyes upon. E.Z Graves leads us into this demented world with a wonderfully written narrative that you have to read to truly appreciate. Andrew F. Rey starts off the carnage with the delightfully written tale, "The Flesh Eaters." The reader can tell the love this author has for the genre as he delves into our minds and makes us feel what his protagonist feels as he flees from not only the horrific creatures surrounding him, but from himself. Stacy Bolli delivers another horrific machination from her demented mind as she gives us two stories in one with "The Undead Addiction". And what a treat they are. Genius is not a term used lightly, but well deserved in this case. Thought you knew everything there is to know about zombie's? Try this one on for size. Karen Dent's horrific tale, "Basic Nature", leaves you not only queasy, but for some strange reason ... hungry. Back Seat Letter by Chris Castle haunts you as you're dragged into his world and subjected to the ramblings of a young girl as she writes probably the last letter she will ever write as your taken on a backseat tour of the apocalypse. Rounding out this quintet of terror, we are graced by a terrifying vision from our fearless publisher E.Z Graves as we're drawn into the tale, "Born This Way". This twisted tale takes you on a religion charged maniacal journey that is as humorous as it is disturbing. In all, these stories are well crafted and terrifying, leaving the reader wondering, why only five?

Nate D. Burleigh
Author of "Sustenance"

I really enjoyed reading this group of stories. Great job on the collection - no repeats and easily read to give you your quickie horror fix if you just read one or the entire collection in one fell swoop. Would have liked to have had a few more stories in this issue but that's a good thing, right? - keep `em wanting more. I enjoyed all of them but particularly liked Stacie Bolli's Undead Addiction where the beginning set up felt like its own story yet had its own reason that hooked nicely with the second part. I gagged in the right place (you'll know when you read it) and enjoyed the ending. Surprisingly I enjoyed Chris Castle's Back Seat Letter. I say surprisingly because I'm not a big fan of letters written to tell a story, but it was smart and kept you interested wondering what the father did in the beginning, what they were heading to, and what the end of the journey would finally be. Last but not least E.Z. Graves's "Born This Way" was truly unique. Funny, weird, bizarre - this man's view of the world is definitely one you haven't seen before and worth the trip. A commendable horror e-zine purchase. Can't wait for the next. Robert Adler
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