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Burned Gasoline (A Gass County Novel #1) [PDF]

by Isabell Lawless
"Burned Gasoline - a small town romance turning dark and sour as secrets are building and the most valuable is taken."

“You shouldn’t be interested in someone like me. I’m stuck here, in the middle of ‘fucking nowhere’ of America.
I’m a guy who doesn’t even have the privacy of having my own house.”
His hands flew up in the air, as if releasing some pent-up energy emerging from the opening of the deep sorrows he’d been carrying around for so long. For ages, it felt like.
Both their breathes turned slightly white and their feet almost touched on the gravel where they stood in the brooding darkness of the evening, bodies only lit up by the light of the hovering moon, and the fifty’s style lamp next to the front door.
“I have nothing, nada, zero, nyet to offer you, Raylyn. The wisest thing would be to get fuck away from me, as far as you can. Well, except… I’m pretty decent in bed. But that’s it.”

Single mom Raylyn and her baby Nova leaves a luxury life in New York after a devastating cheating scandal that left her with nothing. Using the secret stash of her mother's inheritance she purchases her dream farm in a small town in the Midwest. Away from media, backstabbing friends, and her cocky ex.
Jefferson, a native to the area, is a plain stunning example of the hardworking male. His divorce left him heartbroken, not only because his wife left, but for the reason she did it. He's in no way ready for a hot, dirty, romance. But after meeting sassy Raylyn from New York, he has a hard time leaving those steamy thoughts alone.
A neighboring farm outside of town secretly shelters mentally ill Sarah, desperate for a baby, in the belief she will become less of a social outcast raising a child and finding a man to share that dream with. When Sarah hears the news of a single mom moving into a farm not too far from hers, she believes it to be an omen she's destined to follow. That baby must be hers.

This is the first novel in the Gass County Series, featuring Jefferson.

Contains graphic sexual content. 18+ Recommended.
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Thank you! Great book!

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