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Adventures of a Lifetime [PDF]

by Janna Graber
Adventure can mean so many things. For some, adventure is climbing the peaks of Tibet, sailing the open seas or cycling through Europe. For others, it means conquering a fear or pushing yourself to a whole new level. And for many, adventure means bravely stepping into the unknown of a new culture, language or setting. At its core, adventure travel means pushing yourself to experience something novel and worthwhile. Join the wild, bumpy ride during these 24 adventures of a lifetime.

• Get chased by monkeys in the forests of Indonesia
• See what happens when you’re stranded in the Gobi Desert
• Play a game of naked Frisbee with a tribe in New Guinea
• Hang out with polar bears in the frozen lands of Manitoba
• Say goodbye to your love on a final trip to Venice
• Get hopelessly lost during a scary jungle hike in Hawaii
• Stare history in the face uncovering your roots in Latvia
• Watch over your back for hippos on a Ugandan safari
• Attempt to sail across Australia’s wild Bass Strait
• Travel by camel with the “Blue Men” of Mali
• Step foot in Antarctica among icebergs and penguins

And many more…

Contributors include:

• Robert N. Jenkins
• Michael Engelhard
• Kimberley Lovato
• James Michael Dorsey
• Todd Pitock
• Maggie Cooper
• Mariusz Stankiewicz
• Erin Byrne
• Darrin DuFord
• Dan Leeth
• Asia Nichols
• Bruce Northam
• Claire Ibarra
• Mim Swartz
• Janna Graber
• Richard McCulloch
• David Richard Teece
• Gina Kremer
• Peter Mandel
• Aaron Paulson
• Nayanna Chakrbarty

For contributor bios, see http://tinyurl.com/l8oftps
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Thank you! Great book!

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