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Funny Comics [PDF]

by Babette Lansing
A comic fiction with one hundred illustrations
Jiggs is back and has invested in a moving picture studio to please Maggie, his wife and Nora, his daughter.

I have created and narrated this kindle book showing the two main characters Jiggs and Maggie and their most funny and extreme way of acting.

The comic stripes in this book are excerpts from 'Bringing Up Father' from the year 1924. I have picked out some of the stories and have restored and altered them from low quality photocopies to the sepia movie style.

The comic stripes used in this book was released at a time when the American film industry became big business in the 1920´s.
In the 1920´s, radio, magazines, newspapers and movies worked to bring the United States together. Prior to the introduction of these forms of media, the widely scattered populations of the US maintained sharp individuality and idiosyncrasies from one community to another. These forms of media worked to homogenize the public by holding forth stars and other public figures to be admired and emulated by all.

Jiggs, an Irish immigrant living in America has won one million dollars on a sweepstake. Jiggs and Maggie have differing ideas of exactly how life changing the money should become. Maggie is a social climber and would like nothing more than to be a movie star where as Jiggs prefers spending time with his old friends, eating Jiggs dinner ,the cabbage and corned beef he was raised on, gambling and drinking with his friends.

Hope you will enjoy the Jiggs cartoon as I always do!
Babette Lansing
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1. Persia Emily | 17.01.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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