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Cinder Edna [PDF]

by Ellen Jackson
This was given to me as a gift.I wanted to like it, but I don't.The lessons to be learned from it are:
*Frumpiness is a virtue called "practicality"; showing up under-dressed to a formal ball is NOT a sign of ineptitude, contrary to popular belief.
*Good-looking people are obviously stupid.
*Marrying someone after knowing her for only one evening is shallow if based on mutual physical attraction.Marrying someone after knowing her for only one evening is advisable if based on mutual unattractiveness and sense of humor.
*It is okay to say rude things to a shallow, unintelligent brother, even though his "amazingly stupid" plan gets results sooner.
*If one finds one's self enslaved, one is expected not to mind it.(Didn't we hear this already in the antebellum South?)
*Even after doing a day's worth of slave labor, a good slave should have a side business.Is the author by chance a Tea Partier?
*A good host collects guests' paper cups for recycling before they are done with them so they will have to waste another paper cup. (Forget practicality.)

This book grates on me because it beats you over the head with its moral lessons about beauty and recycling while ignoring other important lessons like speaking kindly or sympathizing with those who are in trouble. I tend toward frumpiness myself, so it bothers me to be represented by this voice claiming the superiority of a lazy inattention to appearance and glorification of comfort.With its denouncement of beauty, it stereotypes all us plainer girls as bitter and jealous of the prettier girls.

It can be argued that this book is an answer to the over-representation of beauty in literature.The number of stunningly beautiful protagonists is ridiculous.However, if this book falls into the same trap of polarizing the beautiful and the plain/ugly against each other, it only repeats the offense.
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Thank you! Great book!

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