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Jake's Quest (Wizards #5) [PDF]

by John Booth
Jake experienced a psychotic break shortly after being crucified by the Cult of Bronwyn, but being Jake; he has ignored it and will no longer admit it happened.

His friends and family are far from certain that Jake has fully recovered. For one thing he's convinced his children are up to something despite their ages, and he always finds a reason to be somewhere else when Bronwyn visits.

Since the attack on his parents' house, when his Auntie May was turned into a living bomb, Jake has had eighteen months of peace and quiet. He and Jenny are well off, and in his other life, the Kingdom of Salice is prosperous and at peace.

Jake's life is about to get interesting again. It has taken a long time to get permission to go where he believes Dafydd Williams is hiding. Jake is certain that Dafydd is the bomber. But the question 'why?'
haunts Jake almost as much as the body count his cousin's attacks have caused.

But before he can get to Dafydd, he has a deal with the Dragons to complete and all hell breaks loose. From that moment on Jake's troubles begin mounting in all directions. Family is a problem, his mistress is in trouble (And Jake makes it worse), the Diabli appear to have formed an alliance, he is nearly killed by plains Indians, and then his dragon Fluffy disappears.

Jake must go to university to finish his quest, but first he must survive the entrance exams and the attentions of a couple of determined women.
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