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Jack Tar [PDF]

by Lesley Adkins
A unique and thrilling narrative which uncovers the lives of the heroes of Nelson's navy.

The Royal Navy to which Admiral Lord Nelson sacrificed his life depended on thousands of sailors and marines to man the great wind-powered wooden warships. Drawn from all over Britain and beyond, often unwillingly, these ordinary men made the navy invincible through skill, courage and sheer determination. They cast a long shadow, with millions of their descendants alive today, and many of their everyday expressions, such as "skyscraper" and "loose cannon," continuing to enrich our language. Yet their contribution is frequently overlooked, while the officers became celebrities. These forgotten men are given voice in this exciting, enthralling, often unexpected, and always entertaining picture of what their life was really like during this age of sail. Through personal letters, diaries, and other manuscripts, their emotions and experiences are explored, from the dread of press-gangs, shipwreck, and disease, to the exhilaration of battle, grog, prize money, and prostitutes. This authoritative and gripping account will be compulsive reading for anyone wanting to discover the vibrant and sometimes stark realities of this wooden world at war.
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Thank you! Great book!

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