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Vee Dub Dad [PDF]

by Paul McMullan
We drive on in my thirty-year-old camping bus, which most people who see it think should have been put out of its misery years ago but well it is a VW and just won’t break down.
I stood on the roof to paint the outside of my house with pure white masonry paint and splashed a good deal down the side and over the windows in full expectation that I would be using the beast little more but that was over six months ago and the dam thing, all 270,00 miles of it keeps chugging along.
Surely it must clap out soon, how long can you drive an old Vee Dub into the ground with no servicing and no maintenance and keep it going.
I have had lesser cars which I have cherished and lavished hundreds if not thousands on and have broken down all over the place but here we are still chugging away.
......................It is somewhere between chronic laziness and a reluctance to spend money on something that needs total restoration or the ‘other option’ …..Scrap.
“Scrap, scrap, scrap the bus? Darling one day, she’ll be worth a fortune.”
“One day Rodney,” she replied.
....................“Work going well,” Dad asks.
“Yeah, I’m rich.”
“Why don’t you buy a better van?”
“It’s a classic.”
“It’s a piece of crap.”
“Much the same thing, character, style…”
“Breaks down a lot.”
“In a stylish character full way.”
“You could pick these up for a couple of quid when I was a lad.”
“Right see you later.”

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1. Persia Emily | 18.01.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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