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The Black (Morpheus Road, #2) [PDF]

by D.J. MacHale
This is such a cool book!

The Black is the first book, The Light, but in Cooper Foley's perspective. It takes all those question marks and blank spaces and fills it with Cooper experiences. We get to see the how's of what really happened to him as well as find out his link to Gravedigger, meet new important characters and continue on with the mysteries down the Morpheus Road.
I loved the way this was written since I've always been curious as to what really happened behind Coopers character, so it was so great to begin this book with the first scene in book one between Marsh and Cooper, and then following on as the events unfold in his story linking it with Marsh's. The story felt familiar but at the same time completely new and even more intriguing then the first.

I can't decide what I love most about this book. The sheer imagination, the bizarre creativity, the complex characters or the explosive plot line?I guess in the end, it's a little bit of everything. D.J MacHale is a fantastic fantasy writer, he has this unbelievable way he punches life into his character while adding a pitch perfect voice for each. I loved Coopers reactions to these crazy situations. It's funny and realistic in a very non-realistic way that makes it seem so easy to get lost in the madness of it all. MacHale's vision about the afterlife intrigued me and the way he handled this character storyline was a thrilling chaotic journey of pure entertainment.
I loved Marsh in the first book but I think I love Cooper's story even more. Maybe it's cause he has more of a bad boy image, the rebel and the way he looked after Marsh really got to me and his unexpected journeyand his twist in this particular role has such a strong edge to this installment.

Simply put, this is my kind of escape. It's fun and creepy and unusual and I had a blast slipping out and into this crazy fascinating world and connecting the dots to the first book to the second. These stories have been such a fun experience for me andI look forward to reading the final conclusion of this trilogy.

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Thank you! Great book!

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