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Java™ Performance [PDF]

by Charlie Hunt

I sat in an airport reading this for quite a while as some guy next to me sat talking on his phone helping people troubleshoot Linux servers. Clearly an extrovert, he kept talking to random people even between his phone calls. When he finally finished, he asked me about the “novel” I was reading. I laughed at how he called it a novel – the plot was thin and characterization left a lot to be desired - but in the end he laughed harder: in some circles, the two words “Java” and “Performance” are considered contradictions.

This is not a book about code, algorithms, or even programming. It’s about tuning. It’s about using freely available tools to diagnose problems like lock contention, memory swapping, or disk usage. It’s about understanding how your CPU architecture impacts the performance of your application. It’s about understanding what goes on in the background in the Java virtual machine, like garbage collection, just-in-time compilation, decompilation and re-optimization, and other stuff that you might not know is going on. It’s about how to monitor or ultimately profile your application to diagnose problems. It’s about how to optimize the memory/latency/throughput tradeoffs. It’s about how to set up benchmarks to accurately measure differences in performance. It’s about how to get the best throughput in a service oriented architecture.

In other words, this is a lot more useful than a bag of coding tricks to make your program work better.A knowledge and understanding of the workings of the JVM can be useful (and hopefully interesting) to anyone who works on moderate to complex Java applications. While I would recommend the first few chapters to any developer, this is most useful for those who need to squeeze the most out of their systems with strict memory or latency requirements, or a need to maximize the responsiveness of their system.
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Thank you! Great book!

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