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Desert Heat (Sinclair Sisters Trilogy, #2) [PDF]

by Kat Martin
Working on her thesis, and also seeking an adventure, Patience arranges to spend the summer traveling with a rodeo. She wants to study women in the circuit.She doesn’t count on falling for the champion bronc rider, Dallas.

Dallas just wants to win this championship, then he will he have enough saved to buy his ranch and retire. He’d dropped out of med school, to pursue this dream.He’s not all he appears on the surface. He’s world famous, lives the fast lane, and is in no way looking to settle down.

They meet and are instantly attracted, but of course they both fight it. They are complete opposites. Dallas is a ladies man, with Buckle Bunnies hanging off him every where he goes. Patience is a bit uptight, and not used to the lifestyle, though she is familiar with horses.

At first I didn’t like Dallas because he was pretty much a prick to Patience. For a third of the book, they like each other but fight it. I was irritated having to read about him and not one, but two sessions with random women while he tries to forget her.

There is a decent suspense plot that had me guessing. When Dallas and Patience finally do get together, I liked them together. They both begin to have strong feelings for each other, but both are convinced that their lifestyles could never work. But this is a romance novel—we know they end up together in the end! There is a sweet secondary romance between their friends that I cared about as much as the main couple, also.I recommend this one for fans of rodeo, cowboys, and romance.
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