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Old Fences, New Neighbors [PDF]

by Peter R. Decker
Came to Colorado in '76 and after various life happenings..I'm back.(2012) This book spoke to the changing culture of a wonderful place in Colorado that has gone through the change from homesteading of old to the current yuppie type (for a lack of better word) homesteading of today....though differently, certainly more materialistic, the drive to 'homestead' is still in us all?

One subject I was thinking about while reading was the top large landowners of Colorado (among other states) who have put their land into conservation easements....and what 'exactly' does that mean!? (Oct. article in Forbes magazine)

Speaking of which the culture that has changed even in Forbes Park (yes, one of the same) where my parents have lived from '84 to now. Back in '84 it was 'live and let live' now with increased cost...tons of signs, increased watchfulness (not nec. needed), building out-buildings for meetings (2)...why not use peoples homes? ect.
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1. Persia Emily | 16.01.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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