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Powers of Ten [PDF]

by Charles Eames
Hold the universe in your hands with the Powers of Ten flipbook. This spectacular adventure in space and time takes the reader from the edge of the cosmos to a single atom — and it all begins at a picnic.Based on the bestselling classic Powers of Ten, this magnificient journey begins millions of light years away, with every two pages representing a view ten times larger than the view two pages earlier. As readers flip through the pages, they will descend the dimensions of the universe, through our solar system down to a park on Earth, then into a human body, it's cells, DNA, and finally a single proton. Or readers can travel in reverse, from proton to deep space.

A fun and compact visual odyssey, the Powers of Ten flipbook shows us not only the relative size of things in the known world, but our own place in it.

Also available is the critically-acclaimed Scientific American Library Paperback version of Powers of Ten, offering detailed commentary on astronomy, biology, particles physics and more by Philip and Phylis Morrison as well as many additional photographs and illustrations. Stephen Jay Gould, writing in the New York Times Book Review, called it "a brilliant pictorial and textual embodiment of a wonderful idea".

Both the paperback and flipbook were inspired by the brief and beautiful film Powers of Ten A Film Dealing with the Relative Size of Things in the Universe and the Effect of Adding Another Zero. Made by the famous designers, the Office of Charles and Ray Eames, and available on video-cassette, this remarkable film has given many people their first grasp of the dimensions of the world we live in.
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