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The Boston Tea Party [PDF]

by Russell Freedman
As he always does, Russell Freedman has once again brought the Boston Tea Party, arguably the event that started America's Revolutionary War, to life. How does he do that, given that the act of dumping tea into the Boston harbor has been covered in just about every elementary social studies text ever published? He relies on research, of course, and tells the story of this act of protest that started small and gained momentum through the eyes of its participants, their family members or onlookers including Joshua Wyeth, 15, who recalls disguising himself to resemble Native Americans; Peter Slater, who climbed from his window with the aid of a rope; and Samuel Sprague, 19, who abandoned his date and joined the tea party. Because these are perspectives that have not been shared with young readers in the past, the event will seem fresh and exciting to them. An Afterword, Time Line, and information on the colonists' tea addiction add even more delight to the book. The watercolor illustrations are painted in soft shades so that the men's actions occur during the cover of darkness.
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