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Hart's Harbor [PDF]

by Deb Kastner
"The plot of this book sort of follows the plot of Valerie Hansen's "The Perfect Couple" in which the romantic leads (here, Dr. Kyle Hart and his nurse, Gracie) pretend to be in love since everyone else thinks they're perfect for each other. The most amusing scene is the bachelor auction where Gracie bids on—and wins—her boss, Dr. Hart.

Because the city, Safe Harbor, is in Wisconsin and Green Bay is mentioned briefly, I like to think that the citizens are (a) good Christians and (b) raging Packers fans. The characters from "Home to Safe Harbor" (Rev. Justine Clemens and Police Chief Matthew Trent) both merit a brief mention in this book.

A few quibbles: Dr. Hart is a neurologist and yet, in a climactic scene, he performs a C-section. This would never happen in real life, no matter how small the town; when an emergency happens, you get to the ER where a skilled OB-GYN will do the honors.

Also, at one point Dr. Hart is referred to as a neurosurgeon and later as a neurologist.Ms. Kastner should be aware that these are two different medical specialties.Actually, this is the second novel that's featured a medical professional who doesn't do things that would be appropriate for his/her profession in real life. I suppose it's another case of "Did Not Do the Research" as the TV Tropes website puts it.

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