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Island Song [PDF]

by Alan Chin
Two years after the death of his lover, Garrett Davidson finds himself sitting in a Hawaiian beach shack, gazing out over the vast, empty Pacific. He has nothing left. Despair has robbed him of his elegant home, his lucrative job and his sanity. The single thread holding him to reality is the story he has come to this shack to write: Marc's story, the story of his lost love. Then Songoree breezes into his life. Songoree, a Hawaiian surfer and Garrett's new cook, is not gay, but he can't help being captivated by Garrett. Songoree has always been attracted to broken things, like the crane with a broken wing he once mended and cared for. He is drawn to anything that reminds him of the broken image he has of himself. When Songoree attempts to heal Garrett's spirit they become entwined in an extraordinary relationship. The stakes are raised when Songoree's grandfather, a venerable Hawaiian kahuna, frees Garrett's mind from anguish by secretly using ancient shamanic methods to induce altered states of awareness. During Garrett's convalescence, he and Songoree struggle to transcend their differences in age, race, and life experiences. They soon find that some islanders will stop at nothing to destroy their unique bond, while Songoree's grandfather is hell-bent on bringing them together to fulfill an ancient Polynesian prophesy. A clash of wills erupts between grandfather, grandson and hostile islanders, with Garrett caught in the middle fighting for his life — driving the plot to an unexpected ending that will brutally test the boundaries of the human spirit
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Thank you! Great book!

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