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Optimize Others With Optimal Thinking [PDF]

by Rosalene Glickman
Optimize Others with Optimal Thinking is a supremely motivating experiential audio program. You learn how to maximize your communications with Optimal Thinking. You discover how to listen to obtain the best results, and make the most of all non-verbal communication. You explore how to assert yourself and minimize unwanted behaviors to get your most important needs met and bring out the best in others. You also examine how others deal with conflict ineffectively, and how you can best resolve conflict.

You then learn a new optimal paradigm for the workplace. You compare daily life at a typical workplace and at an optimized workplace, and make a choice. You examine how optimal thinking leaders employ optimal visions to point the best way forward, and how they employ optimal principles to make the most of their reality. You learn how to motivate others to do their best, and how to incorporate the characteristics of these leaders in yourself and others. You also learn how to maximize any career transition and ace your job interviews . At the end of each day, you will complete optimal action steps to optimize your personal life and career.
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1. Persia Emily | 16.01.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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