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From Paracelsus to Newton [PDF]

by Charles Webster
Many of us grew up believing that the scientific revolution begun in the 16th century was so radical and universal that it literally swept away all traces of magic and occultism. In this book, the author argues persuasively that hermeticism, alchemy, Neoplatonism, & other examples of "unscientific" thinking continued well into the 17th century, co-existing with and providing a lively source of inspiration for experimental science. Contrary to popular opinion, the "new science" associated with Newton's generation was not accompanied by a decline in the magical arts associated with the 15th-century alchemist Paracelsus. Indeed, for many decades, the activities of the Royal Society and of Newton himself reflected interest in such ideas as astrology, alchemy, astronomy, and theology—proving that the Age of Enlightenment did not fully separate science and religion.
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