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The Mermaid Game [PDF]

by Chris Howard
The game was half over when Andy Kavanagh’s wedding ring hit the deck, rolled astern, and went over the edge into fifty feet of cold ocean off Gunboat Shoal... What if everything you thought you understood about the folklore of mermaids, sirens, and naiads was a lie? What if their true purpose for coming ashore and interacting with humans was carefully hidden behind legends of drowning, violence, soul-stealing, and lost love? And the lies were all part of a game, where instead of taking your soul, they returned it to you.

The Mermaid Game and Other Seaborn stories features the novelette "The Mermaid Game" as well other stories from the world of the Seaborn Trilogy and beyond (Saltwater Witch, Seaborn, Sea Throne, and Salvage).
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Thank you! Great book!

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