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It's a Dick Thing! [PDF]

by Don Koberg

When men speak anything is possible.

Meet the reemerging multi-faceted talking male of the 21st Century, too long waiting silently off stage behind a curtain of macho myth and militant misrepresentation. Within these pages you will discover the true male as related by dozens of sincerely sensitive real men, each in his own manner expressing the fact that men can be men in ways reported all too rarely.

Every man knows it takes courage to resolve warm compassionate mothered beginnings with social expectations that he develop into an impassionate, hard-edged gladiator, but real men do it each day. To generalize men as either raging bulls or dull-witted patsies of feminine guile is no longer tolerable in today’s more open arena of homogenized gender. The laughable oaf depicted in sitcoms and feminist backlash and the drooling sex-crazed dullard popularized as a male stereotype by Howard Stern, South Park, and The Man Show are but masks for the truly multi-faceted creature capable of a full spectrum of emotional and creative behaviors. Although the narrow view that genetic testosterone-driven assertiveness can turn men into brutish warriors and rapist conquerors can be supported, most men throughout recorded history have overcome their animal heritage to become romantic tender-hearted and caring lovers and fathers, poets and counselors, chefs, and couturiers.

In short, in our own widely varied yet comprehensive way, we men are far more interesting and complex than advertised. No matter how you translate us, it can always be said about whatever we do or say

It’s a Dick Thing!
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Thank you! Great book!

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